Barrett Aerospace

Dedicated to the conservation and care of the Mojave Desert


Who We Are

Our Focus

Here at Barrett Aerospace we design, build, test and manufacture components in and outside of the aerospace industry. Focusing primarily on composite materials. We believe composites are the future and often find ourself integrating these technologies and their bleeding edge advancements into new and existing designs. We have worked with companies of all sizes and can provide the very highest that the industry offers.

Our Team

At Barrett Aerospace our teams are located in Singapore and the United Kingdom. We believe this geographical diversity helps us utilise a wide range of skill sets and reach a larger number of clientele, providing collaborators and manufacturing from Europe and Asia. By the end of 2019 we will also establish a new team in Coimbatore, India.

Our Collaborator

We utilise the strengths of our collaborators to achieve some of the best results in the industry. We have worked with established companies within the composite industry to achieve the builds of varies and aerospace and non aerospace components. With high precision and a focus on virtual simulation and testing, we keep the costs low with data orientated and comprehensive results that are class leading.

We also believe it is important to work with young new minds and we are committed to having undergraduate students on our team. In the past we have had students from Brunel University, London to work with a team of our engineers to build, design, test and manufacture the empennage (tail section) of an electric commercial plane.

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Dedicated to the conservation and care of the Mojave Desert


Our Contribution to SME’s



Dedicated to the conservation and care of the Mojave Desert

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